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Our Story

Brought to you by three friends from Dublin: Peter, Dave and James.
Our coffee bags bring all of the aromatics and notes of a traditional Colombian ground, without any of the hassle.

Why the name Danú?
The name ‘Danú’ derives from Irish mythology: ‘Danú’ is ‘the original Goddess’, ‘the mother of the earth’ and often referenced to as the Goddess of strength and love. ‘Danú’ resonated with us due to the admiration of our mothers who have individually shown tremendous courage and strength while battling serious illnesses in recent years. ‘Danú’ also serves as a symbol of pride taken in the founders’ Irish heritage, something that is a priority of theirs to carry throughout the brand. Lastly, Danú is the origin, the beginning, and that’s how Peter, James and David see this. Danú is the first product in what we hope to be a long journey with many more blends and flavours to accommodate all tastes. We are passionate about bringing you luxury coffee whilst maintaining our core values on quality; sustainability and being environmentally friendly. Having worked tirelessly to source only the best of supply partners, we are extremely proud of our premiere coffee blend “Danú Signature Blend”. Tá súil againn go mbainfidh tú taitneamh as ár gcaife. {We hope you enjoy our coffee} - Peter, James & Dave