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Committing to Sustainability

We here at Danu coffee have sustainability at the forefront of our ethos. When we are looking at sourcing to packaging, we have a belief that ethical and responsible practice is non-negotiable. Along with our roastery we have a system that helps sustainability in coffee farming, helps reduce the use of plastics and helps the environment. Our coffee bags reduce the need to use coffee pods or to buy unnecessary equipment. The coffee bags are 100% compostable and the packaging we use is 100% recyclable. Our on-the-go cups are 100% sustainable and are made from 50% coffee husk and 50% recycled plastic. It is estimated that more than 56 billion coffee capsules will go to landfill around the world this year. (Newstalk, Nov.2018)

Coffee Farm

Coffee is a tropical plant which has a narrow temperature range. It grows in a range of soil types, preferring the more acidic soils that have good drainage. Regular pruning is necessary to keep a productive tree. They are fragile and too much wind could damage the leaves and flowers, reducing the likeliness of fruit forming. The coffee tree is a shrub with a straight trunk. They have dark shiny leaves that grow in pairs along branches like any other tree. The white flowers when open offer a strong but refreshing scent. The average life span of a coffee tree is 50-70 years. Coffee fruits are usually red when ripe though can be orange, pink or yellow on some varieties. The coffee trees fruit takes 7-8 months to ripen and the best time to harvest the bean is when the fruit is a cherry red. When ripe it can be harvested, human hands or machines can be used to shake the trees forcing the tree to drop the fruit. That’s the farm, now where do we fit in? With the help of our supplier, we have created sustainable coffee supply chains with producers in Columbia. We use a “Direct Supply Chain” making a commitment to the farm’s future. This relationship and commitment help our producers reinvest into their business helping them to continue to produce great coffees bag after bag.


We use the latest technology in coffee roasting not only to make our coffee taste better, but our roaster is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly in Europe. Our coffee beans are roasted using a “Hot Air” method, this allows us to roast at lower temperatures to lock in more flavour. It also speeds up our roasting process by 40% using less energy in the process. Our coffee roaster is also fitted with a catalytic converter, turning carbon monoxide into environmentally friendly carbon dioxide allowing us to safely release these gases into the environment. These processes allow for the freshest and highest quality coffee bags in the most environmentally friendly way possible.