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What a week! We are live

What a week! We are live

We are officially one week old! How crazy is that? 

As the light started to dwindle last Thursday, 1st April 2021. (We didn’t even register it was April fools at the time!) We went live. 

From the months of preparation, getting the site ready, getting the product, packaging branding, even the name Danú all of the virtual meetings, phone calls, outdoor chats when possible; all of the ideas and dreams have now become a reality.

We are so incredibly grateful for all of the support and well wishes from our friends, family and customers so far. Friends and family immediately got involved, we were nearly taken aback. Jim says he underestimated how sound we must be :D  

From 7pm to 1am that night was a whirlwind and a mix of adrenaline, nerves and excitement. Dave and James coped quite well though, fuelled by plenty of Danú Coffee Martinis. Pete was on Instagram duty so spent most of it in a daze as the messages poured in! 

It has been an amazing adventure; one we wish to grow and share with you. The feedback so far on the branding and product especially, has made us so proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time. Over 500 followers on Instagram and growing, selling out of reusable coffee mugs (never thought that would happen!) and plenty of orders in to keep us busy and on our toes. 

We've definitely learned a lot already, like launching an online delivery service of coffee on Easter Weekend when all the post offices are closed and built up a back log! However it was a great complaint to have and anyone who had to wait that extra day or so will hopefully see it was worth the wait. We are now up to speed with all orders and can only hope to learn and grow from it. One coffee bag at a time, fuelled by our own supply we hope to bring you more blends, more strengths and more variety in our product line and we can't wait to share more with you. 


As a good friend of ours said "I Danú about you, but I really like that coffee." 

P, J, D. x 

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