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One Month Old!!

One Month Old!!

Well guys!!! We are one month old and what a month it has been. We have had some highs and lows, learned loads and can't wait for the next month. We are still blown away by the support from friends and all of our new customers. DANÚ COFFEE is definitely winning in the hot beverage industry. 

We were new to the online orders and that took time to manage, but as soon as we got those in order and came up with a proper management system with deliveries, we set our sights on Supermarkets. Now with this avenue, I am quite lucky that I asked some fellow retailers that I know to give us some support and see if Danú Coffee would sell in their stores like it has with my own family supermarkets.

We somehow got listed in Moriarty's Supervalu's :) and from there, Peter got Spar Castleknock and Londis Racecourse Castleknock on board. They have been very supportive and excited to stock our product. Then Rushes Supervalu's got on board with their Dalkey and Killiney stores. So we are now listed in 8 supermarkets and guess what? We are not stopping there. We set a target of being in 25 supermarkets by the end of May.

So if I was asked to sum up the first month with one word, I think the word I would use is AWESOME. They are long days working on this venture while working 50 hour weeks, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Hard work pays off always, no matter what you set off doing and this will be no different. The only difference with this is, I get to do it with mates. So as much as the late night zoom calls and late night packaging takes its toll, the banter with the lads is great. Makes the work easier if that makes sense.

So I will finish up with Thank You. Thank you to everyone who has talked about us, bought something, liked our social media pages or just said best of luck. You have all made this first month for Myself, Peter and Dave.

Ní chreidim nach bhfuil sé tae - P,D,J

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