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Get ready for the launch!

Get ready for the launch!

We are nearly all set and ready to go, and the excitement is building ahead of our first delivery!

Tasting tests (and retests, and retests) are complete - these are known as "cupping sessions" in the coffee world. We had a lot of fun doing these and got to sample some AMAZING coffee!! (#coffeeislife) But we are delighted with our twist on the Columbian blend as our signature coffee.

Branding is done. This had the potential to cause a "stir" as we are three different characters, but we had one single vision on the way we want Danú to go as a company. We brainstormed over coffee, and more coffee and then a little more until we came up with the concept of Danú Coffee. We put together mood boards with Celtic imagery, wording and different colouring. Thankfully, the branding team that we worked with hit all the right notes in terms of what core values we had and when they sent back samples, we all picked the same one.
Our logo is just perfectly relevant to us and our message. The Celtic/Irish theme using the Trinity Knot or triquetra is touched on using coffee beans as the knots, of course the trinity, represents the three of us and our three unique but similar stories coming together as one....I'm not crying, you're crying. This showed that we all had aligned in what we wanted the company to look like and how we wanted to go forward.

Packaging is... still arriving but we'll get there! We love our labelling and pouches though; these are fully recyclable.
Beans are being roasted, will soon be ground, and added to the coffee bags with delivery imminent. We will be with you early April. Date to be released soon!
We are really looking forward to sharing our story with you guys and of course our wonderful coffee.

Chat soon!


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